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An employer could say “there are very many candidates out there, why waste time and money trying to brand, impress and be attractive” -true there is, actually if you walked out of your office looking to find someone to offer a job you would get multitudes but the best candidates do not apply for every role, they are perceive and elusive. With the advancements in technology and ever increasing adoption of internet usage, there is no need for you to continue using boring text only job ads for your job openings if you want to attract top talent. To attract their attention, there are no two ways, you have to find a better a way to reach them and a video job ad can come in handy. Our video job ads enable you to summarize, communicate and promote new job openings in a more effective way since you get better engagement by leveraging social media channels and any other methods preferred by today’s job seekers.

We recommend keeping it short - 90 seconds at most, this is time long enough to summarize all the job description but short enough to be streamed and catch the attention of the candidate who can find the detail in the will be appended text anyway.

It’s normally not easy to present the whole job scope in text. A Forrester Research revealed, that a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. There is a lot of useful information candidates can depict from a video job ad that you might have not thought relevant and it’s this that might attract them to apply for a position in the long run, this will give you a larger pool of potential candidates to choose from.

We can deliver attractive multi-media content with interactive in built features such as “call to actions” like apply and share in an all-in-one package perfect for job ads. This will certainly boost your recruiting campaigns by driving more traffic to your job ads and can greatly enhance your social media presence. 



Attracting the best candidates to apply to your job opening is the tip of the ice bag. You have to manage candidate expectations, You can still use our videos during application and interviews phase to further promote and enlighten your employer brand, you can use short videos that detail the recruitment process from the time a candidate submits an application to the stage they are hired in so doing, you are managing their expectations. Such videos can be loaded on your employer’s page at our website for quick reference, alternatively you can add these to your careers page if there is a functionality to do so.

Gearing employees to the proper brand message starts with the job advertisement and continues through this phase together, we can discuss your organization core values, key performance indicators that you want to hire in line with and quickly deliver the orientation to new recruits through video. Your organization employees make up a family that should share the entire corporate values if an organization is to succeed so it’s important to deliver this message across and it begins when recruiting.

In addition our system lets candidates create job alerts to receive alerts whenever you are hiring. In so doing you are able to build a talent pipeline which is very key for any organization. So adding a video that highlights your employee Value proposition (EVP) on your employer page can also work wonders in attracting for you talent remember building a brand takes time but it’s never too late to start. Make video part and parcel of your recruitment tools so you can stay consistent and competitive in today’s top talent wars.



Well done! You have found your super hire, to help them succeed at their new job onboarding them is vital. Every new employee be it the President, CEO or laborer deserves to be inducted since new jobs present lots of challenges for new recruits and as humans adopting to a new work environment is not that simple either. With turn-over highest within the first days, first impression matters for new employees make it easy for them to “connect” and settle in.

Again, not every detail can be discussed during the recruitment process, there could be a lot more to the job than what the interviewer mentioned remember, the more the candidate understands what is expected of them the more they are likely to succeed at their new job. To avoid ambiguity, it’s better to inter-connect every step from your job ad to on boarding and then learning the company culture. This is where our induction videos can help to get new hires productive as quickly as possible by communicating and nurturing company culture, offering training and helping build team spirit. It is a simple way to help equip new hires with the relevant information and resources to help them perform their new job.

The idea is to give them a warm welcome-to make them feel at home in the new workplace and ease the stress that comes with a new job and work environment.


Be able to welcome new recruits with a personalized message.

Be consist in all your communication.

Deliver a precise and concise messages and save time.

These videos can be viewed over and over again.

They provide a deeper understanding of the company culture.

Why Onboard your new hires with Videos?

PR should not only be about marketing the company externally but also within. Every organization would love to see that its employees are following the same “direction” as the business has chosen to drive the point home and help set employees on the right footing, organizations can use our crystal clear onboarding video solutions. We deliver ideal induction training videos something you could call a 1st day success planning kit.



You want your best talent to stay with your organization for a long time. To achieve this you must map out strategies that will keep them in the job and enjoy working with your organization. What you do in the first months greatly determines this. Employees that are well guided are most likely to succeed, make less blunders and stay with the organization for longer. Training of new recruits can intensely influence the retention rates and eventual success of a recruitment campaign.

Training is the teaching of a particular skill or type of behavior through regular practice and instruction and as the trainer it can get sometimes tedious having to repeat the same training procedure over and over again for one-on-one sessions, if you want to stay consistence in your training activities, using our custom video is a perfect solution.

Whether the training video is about compliance training, customer service training, job execution training, or any other aspect of your organization training need, we can guide you through the creative process of storytelling considering that making an effective video is not just about having equipment, how you tell the story matters immensely.


It saves you time and money

Training with video ensures consistency

The trainees can revisit or rewind the training material in case of doubt


Why Training Videos?

Training videos are a wonderful way for organizations to communicate job duties and responsibilities, Training like that for customer service management is very crucial for any organization and doing it with video is a good way to be precise and concise -it entails for example emphasizing to trainees how to use the brand voice to sell within the actual limits of the service or product offering. This can help avoid blunders such as over selling that may be brand damaging in the long run.


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