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What is Digital Job advertising?

This is a broadcast and or display of moving or static visual images intended to market or promote a job opening to potential candidates in an effort to find the best.  It may contain a combination of different formats such as text, images, flash, video, and audio.

As compared to text job description what are the advantages of video or image job descriptions?

With many technologies all over the place today’s potential candidate is looking at lots of job openings and is simply scrolling or swiping away, others are preoccupied in social media and other aspects of their lives and your job can pass without receiving applications from would be quality candidates – these numbers multiply out, not because they don’t want to apply but because overly text job descriptions are sometimes boring, look the same, tedious to consume most especially if some is not sure if they will get hired. You therefore have to be attractive and this is where a Video or image job ad comes in handy - Video or image job descriptions are eye-catching, are mobile friendly, more engaging and normally have a human face to them so they appear more real. People share good videos this means that your video job Ad is very likely to reach passive candidates in their news feeds than an only text ad.

Can I produce my own video job ad?

Yes you can as long as you have the skill and the equipment but remember you want to be attractive, professional and straight to the paint for this reason consulting a professional to perform this task for you might be a worthwhile investment.

How long should it be?

It’s recommended to keep it as short as possible, a 90 seconds or less is ok considering that it’s better to use it as a supplement for some little amount of text.

What should I put in mind as I create a Video Job Ad or any job Ad?

You should always treat your job as a product that you are trying to sell to candidates in other words treat candidates like customers. We all know that in the marketing world the customer is king. In a Job Ad you are not only advertising the job but are also promoting your company. It’s about cultures and values. Your Job Ad should give the candidate honest insight into your company if you are to get good results out of your recruitment campaign.

How will I know if my job Ad is effective?

We have an in built ATS that will summarize how your entire job posting is performing.

What is an ATS?

This stands for an 'applicant tracking system' or 'applicant tracking software' with this you can manage your applicants with ease, shortlist, communicate and do many more other aspects of recruitment.

How can I reduce my cost per hire?

Cost per hire can be defined as the amount of time and money one takes to close an open position. With our digital ads program it’s possible to reach even perceive and or elusive candidates, you can save way over 50% meaning you can enjoy a less cost per hire in addition to finding quality talent.

How would digital job ads get me better candidates?

Digital ads regardless of what they are promoting have a higher consumption rate than only text so with a video or graphic ad a candidate can have a better understanding of what they are getting into and aids their decision on whether to continue with the application process or not. In other words better and precisely delivered job description act as the first sieve.

Why should I add a video or image to my text job description?

Videos or images enhance your job descriptions since they are easy to share on social medial, highly consumable and are more mobile user friendly than only text, videos also boost job opening SEO ranking on search engines like Google.

How long does it take to have my digital job ad go live?

After your video production is ready, we will send you a link to confirm if everything is ok and upon your confirmation your Video job ad will go live. Our turnaround for video job ads production is normally 2 working days (Monday – Friday, 8AM – 6PM) that’s from the time of shooting.

How are my digital job ads distributed?

Your video job ad and or images are first listed on our Applicant Tracking System that has the applicant tracking system. Before distribution, we make sure your video is SEO optimized since most job seekers start their job search on other search engines, this means that your job will most likely be seen in a search since search engines are set to identify video and rank it higher than text. We then share it on partner sites and also push it out on social media since that spreads them on wards and depending on the package we can further boost the push to reach even further. The technicalities of how we achieve far and quick spreads are details you don’t want to get into.

If it’s simply digital ads that are revolutionizing recruitment, why don’t i make my videos or graphics and post on my social media or you tube?

We look at every job opportunity as a way to showcase your employer and corporate brand so as we carefully produce and distribute your job ad, you hit two birds with one stone-You find top talent and also promote your business. It’s true that not everyone on the internet is looking for a job actually others are looking for your services or products so we professionally customize your job to highlight your business side too. 

You want candidates to apply and be able to manage the applications process our system is tailored to do just that because we know you want to save time on recruitment.

Which positions are ideal for digital job ads?

Every position deserves top talent so a digital job ad is relevant regardless of the role well as we distribute we know “where to find who” so you can have the best result.

You keep referring to employer branding, what is it?

This is the company’s ability to differentiate and promote its identity to a defined group of candidates that they are interested in hiring in other words, An Employer brand is the “DNA” that identifies one company from the other.

As an employer, this is what your current or former employees can say about you if you are not in the room.

You don't say it, they say it.

It’s about Vision, values and culture

A good starting point when thinking about an employer brand is to articulate the vision and values embraced by the organization and leadership. Does the HR message reflect those values? If the organization considers creativity and innovation as important, is that made obvious in describing the product or service offering? A strong employer brand connects organizational values, HR strategy and policies and links to the organization’s brand.

Unless you tell your story no one else will this reminds us of the common interview question “Tell us what you know about our company?” even though candidates have to research before an interview, don’t make it so hard for them. Don’t assume you have been in business for far too long and you are very popular-there is no way candidates cannot know about your company. It is up to you as an employer to tell it all about your company, the benefits one can enjoy in working at your company the next thing you will be attracting top talent.

Why does it matter anyway?

Employer branding is an Essential tool for companies that want to stand out from the crowd and attract top talent. The way you profile yourself defines who you attract.

In today’s talent wars, we believe that treating candidates like customers is the only way to attract and win over the best in the market.

How do i create good employer brand?

Everything that candidates find on your employer page/profile including job postings reflects back on your brand. By highlighting your EVP (Employee Value Proposition), you emphasize why people should join your organization. EVP is all about those unique policies, benefits and programs that you offer employees.

Provide reliability-Employee stories, Videos, Testimonials and Images these give candidates an imagination of what your company is really like.

Clear job descriptions –You have invested time, energy and resources to bring a candidate to your job posting, do not bore them off with a weak job description add in a video or image. The best candidates have a lot of opportunities in today’s job market and would not waste a minute with unclear long and boring job descriptions.

Application experience - we at jobopenings.co.ug want to make it as easy as possible for candidates to submit job applications. The easier it is the most likely that you will attract more candidates-remember over 60% of candidates quit in the middle of filling out online job applications.

Social Media - This is one other way companies are building employers brands. Your job openings profile allows you to add links to your social profiles. Over 25% use social media as another source for job searching. All our job postings are propagated to our social media linkages. You also have an option to share your job posting on your social media of choice.

So, what is in it for me? Why should I create my employer profile at jobopenings.co.ug?

Great question. You certainly want to attract and retain the best talent in the market. To achieve this, you should always try to be a striking employer that can provide a sense and desire of belonging to your current and prospective employees respectively, when you have a good employee retention, you increase your ROI in your Human resources. We give you the platform to broadcast your employee value proposition (EVP), find top talent and promote your business at the same time.

Why is my profile at jobopenings.co.ug important? What’s important to include?

Since online information is mostly consumed visually as an employer, you have only a few minutes to either interest candidates or bore them off. We want to give you more opportunity in this area.

You are a unique employer from others, we want you to stand out, show your employer and or corporate branding at no cost at all, tell your company’s stories, and make a page about yourself more interesting to job seekers having this in mind, we offer an enhanced company page display where you can insert images and videos to company and job descriptions.

If you provide more information about your organization, this helps candidates for example to know more about what they are getting into hence having better recruits. In addition to the mandatory fields, make sure to complete your employer profile by including your website (if any), phone, location, your company logo, a detailed Company description, and social media links when creating your account.

What photos/images/videos are ideal?

A good photo or video can tell a lot about a workplace to a job seeker. We recommend photos of building interiors and exteriors, company events, and interesting items showcasing the culture and the work environment. Photos and videos related to the employment setting. You can also post Employer or CEO awards. You can also include product or services specific awards as long as they represent your business or organization.

Do you have discounts?

Depending on how you want us to serve you and also the number of jobs being posted there is certainly a discount contact us if you want to discuss a package.

Is there a setup fee?

Setting up your employer account is free and will always be. By setting up your account you automatically unveil your employer brand you can add images or videos to tell your company story let them know about your services or products. Tell what it is like working at your company so you can attract top notch talent. You have a full free online page all to yourself.

How do I create a job posting?


  • After your employer account has been confirmed, Log in and click “Post a Job”
  • Fill out the form, focusing on job title, job description (using our edit bar you can add links and format your text), job type, categories, how to apply, and expiration date. The other fields such as salary, other benefits, location are equally important make sure you complete them as well, click “Preview” to see what your job will appear like to candidates once it goes live, choose to edit if you want to make some changes or ‘Post’ to submit your job.
  • A jobopenings.co.ug team member will review the position and publish it, and you will receive an email notification once the job is live.

How do I edit my job postings?

Easy too.

  • Log in to your employer account,
  • Click on the position name you want to edit.
  • Make the necessary changes and hit ‘Save’.
  • You can also perform a number of other tasks using the icons to the top right of each posting. You can view the job to see how it will appear to candidates, or even choose to delete the job if you are no longer looking to fill the position. Below, you can ‘Share’ a posting to any of your social accounts too.

Do you have candidates from all over Uganda?

Our candidates are head hunted from all over Uganda, we identify talent and encourage them to sign up and more are signing up for our service each other day. When searching for candidates in the resume directory you can refine your search to achieve more precise results.

What are the costs?

You can Post up to 1 job FREE for 7 days! Our competitively priced Standard, Advanced and Enterprise packages give you the power to do more.

I’m an employer but when I log in, I’m treated like a candidate. How do I transfer back?

You probably have also created an account as a candidate, Log out as a candidate and Log in using your employer username and password. If you haven’t created an employer account yet, create one here.

How do I delete my account?

It’s always sad to say goodbye, but if your time with Jobopenings.co.ug has come to an end, deleting your profile is simple.

Log in to your account and find your profile link then click delete profile at the bottom.

Please noteThis action cannot be reversed. By deleting your account, you will permanently lose your jobs, applications and your profile.

Can’t find an answer? Get in touch.