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You recommend that I add a video to my job seeker profile, why should i?

According to a forester research, “1 minute of video is worth 1.8 million words” and just like anyone else, employers too would love watching and listening to a video clip about you as a job seeker. This can give them a little insight of who you are.

How can I add a video (about myself) to my job seeker profile?

With your smartphone camera, or webcam you can record a short video of not more than 2 minutes generally but honestly describing who you are. Just give employers a few important details that can spark their interest in learning more about you, give them the reason to feel that you might be a potential fit for their job – after recording, upload this video on your YouTube channel or on Vimeo then copy the video link and paste it in the field that requires this on your job seeker’s profile and if you ticked allow employers to view my profile, the video will be available for potential employers to watch - Be yourself as you record, don’t act.

What really can I say in my introductory video?

In less than 2 minutes and in line with the jobs you are interested in;


  • Talk about where you are working and what job you do disclosing a little about the tasks.
  • Talk a little bit about your soft and hard skills.
  • Summarize by highlighting how you feel your experience is relevant for the job(s) you are interested in.


  • Talk about your family, kids or hobbies, at least not in your introductory video.
  • Talk about the problems at your current job.
  • Simply summarize your resume point by point.

How does it work?

jobopenings.co.ug profile is easy to create, and super simple to use. Register and post your CV in minutes, then search and apply to jobs. In addition, create a job alert then Jobopenings.co.ug will send you alerts via email when a job are posted. By the way, did we mention that all this is and will always be free of charge!

Will jobopenings.co.ug get for me a job?

Our services are limited to providing information about available jobs in Uganda as and when they become available and making available a CV database for intending employers. As a job seeker you should register, post your CV and or add a video then apply to jobs you find appropriate. You can also like us on Facebook, follow us on twitter, join us on LinkedIn to stay updated on career trends and jobs in Uganda.

How can I edit my job seeker profile?

Sign in to your Jobopenings.co.ug account. You will be able to see My CVs click or tap on this to edit your CVs. Once you’re done editing, click or tap ‘Save’ at the bottom to save the changes.

How do I change my job preferences? Can I set up multiple CVs?

You can create up to 5 different CVs at jobopening.co.ug to help you apply to various job types more easily for example one could have auditing as well as accounting skills so can create an accounting CV and an auditing one. When an auditing job comes up they simply use the corresponding CV likewise when an accounting job comes up they simply use their accounting one.

What if I’m not finding jobs relevant to my skills and experience?

New employers from all trades across the business spectrum, NGOs and Government are joining Jobopenings.co.ug every day. Please stay connected and a job suitable for you should hit your Jobopenings.co.ug queue very soon.

Does Jobopenings.co.ug publish internships/part time jobs as well as full-time jobs?

Yes! We do publish internships and part-time positions, although the frequency and amount of those jobs is based on our employers’ needs.

How do I apply to jobs?

There are two ways. The first is when a job alert is sent to your email, simply follow the link provided in the alert and then proceed to apply.

The second way is when you go directly to the jobopenings.co.ug website, search for jobs and when you find a job you like click apply you will be prompted to login to your account and once there you will be good to go.

In either ways you could also be directed to an employer’s URL in the event that the employer prefers that you apply directly through their Applicant Tracking System.

What if I want to propose a new feature or solution?                           

This one is easy email us at team@jobopenings.co.ug constructive criticism is always welcome. We are continuously working to improve your experience with Jobopenings.co.ug and we find your feedback invaluable. Drop us a line with any feedback, or click here to give us your ideas.

How do I change my job alert preference?

Modifying your job alert preference is easy, go to the bottom of our home page while there, enter your email address, select your preferred job category, you could select more categories as well, you can specify aspects like, job type, location then  click “CREATE ALERT”.

I’d like to see other types of jobs. Can you help?

Sure! Go to your profile and create other job alerts that are in line with the jobs you are interested in.

Do you have jobs all over Uganda?

Yes! Jobs are posted on our site from all over the country and in multiple categories as well. When searching for jobs don’t forget the search by area option to refine your search well if you can't find a preferred job now, check back more often because jobs are added on a daily basis.

How do I delete my account?

It’s always sad to say goodbye, but if your time with Jobopenings.co.ug has come to an end, deleting your profile is simple.

Sign in to your account. You will be able to see Account Settings here you will find the button for you to delete your account.

Please note: This action cannot be reversed. By deleting your account, you will permanently lose your CVs and Job applications in other words your entire profile.

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