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How to create your job alert.

How to create your job alert.

Searching for your ideal job can take a lot of time. Time you could spend doing something else, right? At we will help you find the jobs you want with less hassle. By setting up a job alert, you can put us to work while you do something else. Let us find suitable jobs and send them to your inbox while you get on with life. 

What is a job alert anyway?

Our job alert is an email sent directly to your inbox with details of jobs that might suit you. So, instead of scrolling or swiping up and down endlessly through job listings, you can be alerted about suitable jobs as they become available that way, you don’t have to worry about missing out on valuable career opportunities while you get on with other tasks.

How do I set up a job alert?

Setting up a job alert is super simple. Go to the home page, scroll or swipe downwards and just before the footer, you will find the create job alert form. Here you can create a job alert by entering your email and specifying the location, job category (here you can choose as many as possible), job type and frequency.


Keywords make it easy to match your job preference with posted jobs and the keywords you choose will help make your job alert preference more precise. Some professional categories can cover a wide range of jobs, so narrow down your search by setting keywords for your job alert. For example, if you have chosen IT/Programming as your category but want to work in web development, set the keywords ‘web development’. This will save you being sent jobs that aren’t suitable. You can also type in the industry/sector you want to work in. You can choose multiple categories so if your ideal job spans more than one field, you can cast your net as wide as you want or be as specific as you like.

Whether you like the stability of a permanent job, fulltime job or prefer to work on a contract basis, the choice is yours. You can add this to your keywords or both if you wish. Don’t forget to leave a space between your keywords as our algorithm will not recognize them if combined.


Commuting time and costs are crucial when choosing your next career move. Use the location setting to choose where in the country you wish to work. This makes it easier for both yourself and prospective employers to make the right choice. Again, you can choose multiple locations or just one. Whatever suits you. You can leave the location open if you don’t mind finding a job anywhere in Uganda.

Alternatively, you can click Jobs in Uganda specify your preferences in the search form, when you are done, click “FIND JOBS” if jobs like the ones you prefer are listed they will be displayed at this point. The “Email me jobs like this” link will come up follow this to insert your mail and choose the frequency then click “CREATE ALERT”. You will then be sent job alerts with jobs fitting this criteria you that you have chosen also in accordance to your chosen frequency.

Finally, if for any reason, you no longer want to receive these job alerts, click the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of any of the job alert emails that will have been sent to you.

Contributed by: Henry Mubiru Kweba. 

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