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5 Reasons to Consider Temporary Jobs

5 Reasons to Consider Temporary Jobs

While many job candidates may turn their noses up at temporary employment opportunities, sometimes these jobs can be beneficial to your career. For example, if you’re trying to break into a new industry or are on the hunt for your first job out of college, taking temporary positions might help you make the connections necessary to land your dream job in the future. Here are five other advantages of taking temporary jobs that might surprise you.

1) Get Work Experience

Temporary jobs give you a chance to get work experience without making a big commitment. In some cases, temp work can lead directly into a full-time position or give you an opportunity to try out different jobs within an organization. In other instances, temp jobs may simply be a good way to earn extra cash while building your skillset and professional network.

2) Establish Credibility

Temporary work is often looked at as a less-than-ideal job opportunity, but it’s sometimes necessary for candidates who want to make a name for themselves in their industry. By leveraging temporary work—when you need it most—you can establish credibility and become more attractive to employers down the road. It’s also a great way to build your resume and gain valuable experience working on projects relevant to your career field.

3) Don’t Wait for the Perfect Position

Companies offer temporary jobs for a variety of reasons, but one common reason is that it gives them a chance to see what you’re made of before offering you a permanent position. If you can impress with your temporary gig and show them what you can do on a part-time basis, there’s a good chance they will hire you full-time.

4) Gain Valuable Skills

Working on a short-term project for an employer is a great way to learn about that company’s processes, systems, and culture—all things that may come into play if you decide to apply for a full-time job there. By temporarily joining forces with other professionals, you also expand your professional network while honing soft skills such as organization and communication.

5) Build Your Network

Oftentimes, temporary positions are an excellent way to expand your network. Working in a short-term gig gives you plenty of opportunity to interact with coworkers and build relationships that can become invaluable if a permanent position opens up—or if you’re seeking recommendations for future jobs. If you’re looking for regular work, word of mouth can spread quickly when there’s familiarity between coworkers.


Employers are often forced to review hundreds of resumes before finding the one candidate who will accept the temporary position. Therefore as you begin to peruse the many careers available within your industry, be sure to consider that temporary jobs could be right for you as these are a good launchpad into a permanent position or a great opportunity to expand project-based experience

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Contributed by: Henry Mubiru Kweba. 

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