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Publications Every Accounting Professional Should Read

Accountants, auditors, and others in the finance industry can benefit greatly from reading financial publications. Financial laws and regulations are constantly changing, and it is critical that these professionals are aware of new laws as well as up to date on accounting trends and practices. With so many financial publications and websites available today, determining which ones are worth reading can be difficult. Here are five publications that every accountant should read on a regular basis.

The CPA Journal

Even though it's called "The CPA Journal," you don't have to be a CPA to enjoy reading it. It's a useful and interesting journal for accountants, CFOs, and auditors, as well as anyone else who works in the financial industry. The CPA Journal has articles about finance, taxes, and auditing, among other things. It also has online media and videos. The journal also has an archive where readers can find older articles to read. It has a lot of great business articles written for accountants, and readers can also send in their own stories.


This journal for accountants is updated several times a day with the latest business news. Accountants can find out what's going on in their own communities as well as in the world of finance. Accountancy deals with things like laws, accounting practices, careers, financial reporting, consultations, economic trends, pensions, business, and more. The search engine is easy to use, and there is a large archive of old articles that readers can look through.

Journal of Accountancy

A lot of professional accountants and CPAs trust and read Journal of Accountancy, which is a very well-known publication. It gives practical, in-depth, up-to-date, and complete information on topics like fraud and ethics, taxes, personal financial planning, career and professional development, technology, HR/payroll, cybersecurity, and practice management. Finance professionals, students, CEOs, CFOs, CPAs, and professional accountants are some of the people who like to read the Journal of Accountancy.

Strategic Finance

Strategic Finance™, a journal that was started by the Institute of Management Accountants and has won awards, is a popular finance magazine that accountants shouldn't miss. Articles in this monthly magazine are interesting and make you think. They are meant to help financial professionals grow professionally and personally, move up in their careers, do a better job at work, and make their companies more profitable. The articles are written for people who work with money, like accountants. Strategic Finance™ talks about a lot of different things, like financial planning, making decisions about capital, budgeting, careers, and leadership.


This is a magazine that accountants, auditors, and chief financial officers like to read. People who like to read about money and never get tired of it will like CFO because every day it has new and interesting stories. Accounting and taxes, banking and capital markets, risk and compliance, human capital and careers, strategy, growing companies, and technology are some of the main things that are talked about. Even though a lot of the stories are for finance executives, anyone who works with money will enjoy CFO. It also has buyer's guides, special reports, and benchmarking tools and calculators that aren't available anywhere else. CFO is both in print and online.

As the economy gets better, there will be a need for more accountants and auditors. Reading financial publications will give accountants an edge and make them more attractive to potential employers.

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Here at Ujuzingo, we've made it a habit to support accounting and finance enthusiasts put their best foot forward as they search for opportunities that meet their skills and career aspirations, while also assisting employers in finding more job-ready applicants. Check out our accounting and finance courses or current job openings.