Don’t try too much to impress.

Naturally as humans we want to be the best, we don’t want to be rejected, we want to hear “you are the best”, “all others are far below your standard” - even when we well know we are not even close to the acclaim. As we try to achieve these kinds of commendations we either try to lie, talk big about ourselves, change our accents, make up too much, over dress or even wear skimpy among others, in so doing we are trying so hard to be someone else, but then, we are fooling ourselves.

Going in for your interview, try as much as possible to “be yourself” don’t act, that character you want to portray can be the hindrance to landing that job. 

Be truthful-the interview will flow,

Speak normally-don’t speak like Mr.x or Mrs. y,

Do not over make-up - At least let it not show, avoid excessive cologne or perfume use. You never know who has allergies, sensitivities or simple distaste for the scent. Play it safe, go in clean and fresh.

Dress appropriately-Avoid skimpy for ladies, for gents just keep it simple similarly the ladies should.

Again, don’t act, don’t try too much to impress. If it’s meant for you it will always come your way and so is that job.

Don’t forget to share your interview experience for discussion, it could help someone in out there.

Contributed by: Henry Mubiru Kweba. 

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