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Proven Ways to Speed Up Your Hiring Process

Proven Ways to Speed Up Your Hiring Process

Let's face it, you'd like to shorten the hiring process, but you're not sure how. Here are some ideas to help you revamp your hiring process:

First of all

Improve job descriptions

The purpose of the job description is often overlooked during the hiring process. The job description's true purpose is to attract the right candidates and set the right expectations about the position, the company, and the culture.

Most businesses want to fill open positions as soon as possible. So hiring managers don't always take the time to figure out what kind of candidate they really need.

Due to the time crunch, they may not develop an effective job description. As a result, there is either an unqualified flood or a trickle of candidates who can only meet very specific requirements.

Make a list of desirable qualities, certifications, and education for the position.

Creating a job description that accurately reflects the position and includes preferred and critical qualifications reduces interview time, which speeds up the hiring process.


Streamline your hiring pipeline

The more unnecessary steps you can eliminate from your hiring process, the better. You'll save time and likely beat the competition for the best candidates. Remember that candidates and hiring managers alike value a quick and easy hiring process.

According to a 2016 Talent Board study, 17 percent of candidates who had a bad experience with a company's recruiting process withdrew their applications and applied to competitors.

Review these questions when evaluating your current hiring process to speed it up:

  1. How does each step help?
  2. What can we change in the description or ad placement to completely eliminate some steps?
  3. Which steps cause snags?
  4. When do candidates usually opt out of the process?

Streamlining your pipeline by eliminating unnecessary steps will speed up your hiring process.


Make the most of the interview.

After screening through applicants, the next step is to interview the top candidates individually. Interview etiquette is important to retain candidates during the hiring process.

  1. Prevent over-involvement of stakeholders
  2. Ask questions that will help you gain insight.
  3. Follow up, follow up, follow up


Transparency in communication

We know you want to speed up the hiring process, but there are some ways you can lose candidates due to a lack of follow up.

Include open and frequent communication from the start with your candidates so they are aware of:

  1. Longevity of the application
  2. When you get their app
  3. When they can expect a reply
  4. Timeline for hiring
  5. Estimated time for each step

This will not only speed up your hiring process but also encourage candidates to stay throughout the process, even if you can't match your competitors' speed.

Also, with the openness you provide, there should be a sense of individuality, especially for those who stand out and progress through the hiring process.

Interviewing is stressful as we all know; making candidates feel welcome and comfortable allows them to be more authentic.


Keep a talent pool for future openings

Consider creating a talent pool of past candidates to speed up the hiring process. Maintaining positive relationships with previous candidates who have been screened, qualified, and familiar with your company will help.

More reason to build positive relationships with all qualified candidates. Keep these qualified candidates in your hiring pool to speed up future hiring.


The best way to improve and speed up your hiring process is to try it out.

After removing steps and improving your process, have team members “apply” and walk through the new steps with you.

Candidates are likely to find certain steps confusing or lengthy. Identify areas to streamline work and improve communication.

Making changes like the ones above will speed up the hiring process and make the interview process easier for everyone involved, including candidates.

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Contributed by: Henry Mubiru Kweba. 

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