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What are the Key Parts of a Cover Letter that Candidates Should Make Sure to Have?

What are the Key Parts of a Cover Letter that Candidates Should Make Sure to Have?

Whether you’re applying to a new job or sending in an updated resume, you can bet your potential employer will want to see a cover letter included with your application materials. So what should go into your cover letter? What do employers look for in this seemingly simple piece of writing? Here are the key components recruiters will be looking for in your cover letter.

Who you are

When you’re writing your cover letter, let recruiters know who you are. It’s important for them to understand not only what your background is but also what your personality is like. They want to make sure they have someone who is going to fit in with their team and culture. Be yourself! Show them who you really are. Let them see what makes you special and unique from all other candidates out there! What do you think makes you special? Share it with them!

What you can do for the company

Include information about how you can fit into what your company does and how you will help them achieve their goals. Showing that you’ve thought about why they’re hiring and what they’re looking for makes it much more likely for them to think, Yes, she would be an asset!

Who referred you (if applicable)

Referrals are gold. If someone has referred you, be sure to recognize them in your cover letter by saying I was referred by John Doe. This shows recruiters you’re familiar with their company and their process, which can help you stand out from other candidates. It also allows recruiters know who they can follow up with for more information if need be. It could also help if they have a current open position because then there is an opening for them to discuss during your phone screen!

Why you’re interested in this job and this company

The first thing you want to do is make sure your cover letter indicates that you’re actually interested in applying for an open position at your company. If you aren’t really excited about what they do, then why should they be excited about hiring you? After all, it’s likely your prospective boss will read your application materials. So unless you actually want to work for them, it’s best not mention them at all.

Closing statement

Candidates shouldn’t take cover letters lightly. It can be tempting to send out boilerplate cover letters, but don’t be lazy! Even if you’re applying for roles at different agencies, your application still has to reflect who you are as an individual—and in today’s crowded job market, there’s more competition than ever. But by making sure your cover letter is well-written and specific, you will stand out among other applicants vying for these roles.

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