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What kind of jobs can I do while I study for my CIMA qualification?

If you're pursuing the CIMA qualification, you can secure a promising job even before completing all 16 exams. The flexibility to study while working is a significant advantage. Let's explore the job opportunities available at different qualification levels.

Certificate in Business Accounting Level Roles:

Upon completing BA1, BA2, BA3, and BA4, you earn the Certificate in Business Accounting. Here are some roles you can pursue while studying:

  1. Sales Ledger Clerk: Responsible for processing invoices and ensuring accurate accounting for a company's owed funds. This role typically offers an annual salary of around £22,000+.

  2. Accounts Assistant: Provides administrative support to accountants, handling tasks like typing, filing, phone calls, mail, and basic bookkeeping. You can expect to earn approximately £21,000* per year.

Professional Operational Level Roles:

At this level, you'll encounter three objective test subjects: Performance, Financial, and Enterprise. These subjects are then combined with a case study exam. Potential jobs include:

  1. Financial Analyst: Work in financial institutions like banks, pension funds, and insurance companies, offering investment guidance to businesses and individuals. Financial analysts assess the performance of various investments and typically earn around £36,000* annually.

  2. Junior Financial Analyst: Assists senior analysts with accounting and financial management tasks. The role varies based on the organization's structure and often falls within the finance or accounting department. Earnings can be around £23,000* per year.

Professional Management Level Roles:

At this stage, you'll explore more specialized roles:

  1. Fund Accountant: Responsible for maintaining all aspects of fund accounts, including financial reporting, transaction control, and yield tracking. This role typically pays around £45,000* per year.

  2. Financial Accountant: This role involves budgeting, internal audits, tax management, and acting as a key point of contact and authority for managers. Financial accountants can expect to earn around £38,000* per year.

  3. Management Accountant: Interprets financial data to make strategic decisions that benefit the business, such as managing accounts, profit and loss reports, balance sheets, budgets, and forecasts. This role may offer an annual salary of approximately £40,000*.

Strategic Professional Level Roles:

For those reaching the Strategic Professional level, more senior positions are within reach:

  1. Financial Controller: Oversees the preparation of financial statements and ensures the reports provide insightful data. They also verify financial report authenticity, regulatory compliance, and analyze financial data. Financial controllers typically earn around £55,000* annually.

  2. Financial Manager: Responsibilities vary based on the organization's size. In larger companies, the role focuses on strategic analysis, while in smaller ones, financial managers may be involved in various accounting aspects. Earnings can be around £49,000** per year.

Do Some Jobs Offer CIMA Study Support?

Many companies provide financial support and mentorship to employees pursuing CIMA qualifications. This support extends to various roles, from graduate trainee accountants to part-qualified and assistant management accountants. Employer-funded courses or apprenticeship programs are common avenues for study support.

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