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When is it the right time to throw in the towel?

When a boxing match is yet to start there is a lot of anticipation from the boxers themselves, their support teams, later on their fans for sure at such a time it looks like victory can go either way. When the match finally starts tension and nail-biting moments among the support team and fans ensue, the boxers are geared up for a do-or-die. Fear and retreat for them are not options at this moment, they believe they can deliver that killer punch. Well, as the clock ticks the fighter with an advantage will surely start taking it, punch after punch the game will go on.

So the question; when is the right time to throw in the towel? The above scenario applies in our daily lives including moments at the office. We are always dealing with tough moments as we deal with our jobs, these moments require us to make tough decisions such as “Should i quit or not!”

Here below we share some ways you can take such career path defining decisions.

Have a clear justifiable reason to quit some people quit their jobs to attain higher education which amounts to career advancement well others quit to find something else to do. You currently have a job at hand hung in there until you land another don’t quit to look for work. Attaining higher education is good but before you decide to quit weigh out your options, it’s likely that you will have to go back to the job search board as soon as you attain the education so do you think the additional education will give you an advantage in your future career prospects! If your decision is to quit your job for education, then consider pursuing courses that will help you attain in-demand skills that will be relevant to your future career prospects.

Before you quit, first exhaust all ways to help you win over the urge to quit, most people quit their jobs because of a “bad” boss and not a bad job most time people tend to stand a bad or low paying job as they try to find a better one. So if you are quitting because of a “bad” boss, have you tried all ways possible to get along with them!

When you decide to quit you should have the next step defined. Don’t simply quit out of emotions. It’s always advisable that you quit with another job at hand. Be sure of another job before you say quits to your current job.

Whatever the reason is that you are considering quitting your current job first make sure you have the three above sorted. Before a boxing team decides to throw in the towel they consider that there is no way their boxer can change the flow of the game so, hung in there unless you are sure there is a clear way out after your current job.

Over to you.

Share with us what have been those moments you have considered quitting your job, what was your decision, how did it turn out?

Contributed by: Henry Mubiru Kweba. 

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