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Why do we charge what we do for our courses?

We are aware that some of our competitors charge half of what we charge for a single paper as a monthly access fee for the entire course. To begin with, it is illogical to study the entire course of ACCA, CIMA, or CPA in a month; later on, for a single paper. This means you would have to continue paying for subsequent months. If you add up what they charge, you should ideally get to a point where they charge what we charge for a single paper or even more.

Second, unlike theirs, our courses are platinum-rated, which is the highest level of accreditation awarded by the ACCA to a tuition provider. If a tuition provider is gold or silver accredited, it means that they did not meet the ACCA quality criteria for the platinum level (and these quality criteria include pass rates). Our FI courses are Platinum accredited, which means that we always do better than the global pass rate for ACCA exams (at the time of writing, 92% of our students who finished our course in the past 12 months passed their exam).

Because they are not Platinum rated, they cannot guarantee students passing on their first attempt, which allows them to present reasonable prices to the student from the start, but the student risks paying more to retake the exam in the long run. Ujuzingo/FI, on the other hand, offers this pass guarantee.

The cost of one of our courses is a one-time payment that grants you access to a course (paper) for a period of six months. 

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