Why Should You Choose ACCA

Do you have experience as an accountant and want to take your career abroad? An ACCA certification can open doors to jobs all over the world. 

  • What is ACCA?
  • Why should you choose ACCA? 
  • What are the benefits of ACCA Certification?
  • Benefits of ACCA Membership

Let's dive into the specifics now.

What is ACCA? 

The Association of Chattered Certified Accountants (ACCA) represents certified public accountants from all over the world. There are over 200 thousand members of ACCA from all corners of the globe. Becoming a member of ACCA requires you to fulfil ACCA criteria and pass ACCA exams in order to gain access to member benefits and advance your career. Furthermore, the ACCA certificate is so well-respected around the world that many regions place it on par with their own accounting studies. Here is a primer on ACCA for those curious about learning more.

Why Should You Choose ACCA?

ACCA helps you learn international accounting and auditing standards. It makes you eligible as an ACCA member and makes it easy to job hunt outside your country. You can work in any country where these accounting standards are accepted. In addition, employers worldwide recognize ACCA as a valid quick entry pass for their accounting jobs. ACCA course helps you grab skills necessary for a chartered accountant.

Learning to be qualified as an ACCA member means it will cover all the technical aspects, such as cost accounting and financing, and theoretical aspects, like the theory of motivation. The ACCA exam is beneficial for accounting professionals who want to develop their careers.

What Are The Benefits of ACCA Certification? 

The ACCA Certification offers you many benefits. ACCA will make easier to climb your career ladder and offers a promising career. ACCA certification provides you a lifetime of knowledge, experience, networking and support. Some of the top benefits ACCA Certification include the following.

  • Gives You Global Exposure
  • You Build A Solid Foundation in ACCA
  • Keeps You Updated
  • Better Growth Opportunities
  • Lifetime Support and Networking
  • Higher Salary 
  • Gives You Global Exposure

An ACCA certification gives you global exposure as ACCA is one of the world’s fastest-growing bodies of accountants who have been instrumental in building today’s business world. ACCA has more than 233,000 qualified members working in various sectors of the global society.

With more and more members added, ACCA is one of the most prominent, growing organisations. Getting a prestigious membership from the ACCA is no easy task. But through global exposure, you can benefit from the international opportunities that come your way. Thanks to the strong network of members that are spread across the globe.

  • You Build A Solid Foundation in ACCA

ACCA course is open to graduates, school-passed candidates, experienced professionals seeking promotions, or simply making a career move. Regardless of where you start, ACCA builds a solid foundation of core concepts and subject knowledge. You will be able to gain critical finance and accounting skills, managerial abilities, communication expertise, and technical know-how. 

As a foremost accounting and finance education program, ACCA develops you into an ethical and professional accountant. It follows strict ethics and corporate accountability standards. The moral strength of the candidate is assessed to note whether they are making fast ethical decisions without falling under peer pressure.

  • Keeps You Updated 

To be updated on the latest rules, laws, and amendments is expected as a finance professional. But will it be possible with a standard accountancy course? Not!

ACCA provides you with extensive knowledge of accounting and finance concepts. In addition, an ACCA course helps you keep updated with the latest tax law news, new rules and regulations needed to perform all accounting jobs. It also covers other crucial areas, such as managerial, strategic and analytical modules required to excel in any chosen field of accountancy. 

  • Better Growth Opportunities

ACCA is a standardised course developed in collaboration with industry leaders and business magnates. Therefore, the course is designed with practical business and finance information that improves your core concepts. Moreover, your communication, strategic planning and technical skills are also tested. 

The ACCA will help you improve your skills, and your resume gets a value boost with these GPA qualifications. As a result, you’ll be able to explore several high-end careers opportunities and increase your chances of getting placed at the senior strategic management level at international organisations.  There are more job roles you can get after ACCA certification. Here are the top 10 job roles after ACCA qualification

  • Lifetime Support and Networking

Once you qualify for ACCA certification, the vast global member infrastructure of ACCA acts as a support for all aspiring financial professionals. In addition, you will be able to find support and help from your peers in this group. ACCA members are a community of like-minded professionals like you who can offer you help, especially when looking for a change in career aspirations or international positions. 

  • Higher Salary 

Of course, an ACCA qualification puts you in a higher salary bracket in jobs. Therefore, it will allow you to negotiate for a higher salary and boost your earning potential. Of course, you can't expect to have your compensation doubled overnight, but you will be sitting in a position where you deserve a better-paying job.

Benefits of ACCA Membership

Being an ACCA member does not just open the door to exciting opportunities in your career and personal development. It also gives you access to a first-class range of services designed to support you in your professional life.

ACCA Member Benefits and Services

ACCA keeps you at the leading-edge of the profession with a range of benefits and services, which include:

  • The ACCA designation - the choice among employers
  • The chance to be a global influencer and build your professional network
  • Continuous support in your professional development
  • Keeping you informed–online, in print and on the move
  • Round the clock customer care and careers service

How to Become an ACCA Member?

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is a global accounting body in over 180 countries and has more than 200,000 active members. ACCA provides aspiring and experienced professionals with the needed exposure, expertise and practical experience in core accountancy and finance concepts. 

The level of knowledge transfer done through ACCA certification is almost unparalleled, as it is both standardised and dynamic in all aspects. 

To become an ACCA member, you must:

  • Complete 13 examinations (Students might be eligible to an exemption up to 9 exams based on their previous educational qualification). Click here to know all about ACCA Exam Structure and Pattern
  • Have 36 months' relevant work experience (Students can acquire the work experience during, before or after the qualification)
  • Complete Ethics and Professional Skills module

When you pass all the mandatory examinations, you will be able to become a member of the prestigious ACCA group and a Certified Chartered Accountant. 


Joining the world’s largest and fastest-growing international accountancy body brings with it all kinds of benefits. The scope and opportunities of ACCA are wide. If you are eager to put in your work, make specific sacrifices, and survive the occasional hard times, ACCA is worth it. You may encounter some setbacks, but you will learn from your blunders and keep working hard. Plus, it will bring you enormous benefits, such as global careers and higher returns. But, if you are unsure of your workload, think you can pass the exam, or if you are not sure if you want the exam, ACCA may not be suitable for you.

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