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Why your CV can be binned.

Why your CV can be binned.

At first sight, more than 80% of applications are rejected or ignored. We understand that you want your application to be included in the 20%.

Here are a few reasons why your application might not make it into the top 20%:

CV formats that aren't typical

Standard CV forms are usually used. Recruiters may become perplexed when trying to find information about you on your CV if you choose a non-standard format. Don't go too creative with your CV design; stick to the basic formats. Employers are only interested in learning more about you, which they should be able to locate on your CV.

Errors in spelling, grammar, and/or punctuation

Many recruiters think that if an applicant's application contains spelling, grammatical, and/or punctuation problems, the person's work performance will be similar. Your application will almost certainly end up in the trash if you make these mistakes. Always proofread your applications and/or CV before submitting them, or ask a friend to do it for you.

Work history gaps that aren't explained.

It isn't as big of a concern if you describe what you were doing during a time gap on your CV. Perhaps you returned to school for a master's degree. Then, in your education section, provide the additional degree and related dates. Don't leave any gaps in your employment history that aren't explained. Your applications may be rejected if you have unexplained gaps in your job history.

Inadequate experience and skills, as well as a lack of the essential years of experience and competencies

You might be able to get away with only three years of experience if the minimum number of years of experience required for a position is 5+. However, if you have significantly less, you should reconsider applying for the employment. If you don't have the needed years of experience and expertise, your application may be rejected outright. If you aren't a people person or can't handle client complaints, don't apply for a customer relations manager position. Concentrate your job applications on positions that are a good match for your expertise and abilities.

We expect that this will assist in reversing the 80 percent and 20% statistics. We'd like to see a day where only 20% of applications end up in the trash can.

Contributed by: Henry Mubiru Kweba. 

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