Numida Technologies


We believe that small businesses are the cornerstone of the African economy, providing essential goods and services to their communities. Our vision is a thriving small business sector that creates dignified and secure employment, increases tax revenues for local governments, and increases standards of living for entrepreneurs, their families, and their staff. 


We are committed to building world-class technology that will catalyze the growth of these businesses while creating systemic change in the way financial services are delivered on the continent. We hope not only to provide tools, but to educate and empower entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams. We're starting in Uganda but are building for scale. 


We're looking for people who want to be a key contributor to the early stages of our growing company and are passionate about using their skills and experiences to create social good. We encourage and provide tools for our team to rise to new challenges, expand their skill sets and think outside of the box to solve real-world problems.