We are IQ-EQ

Our Purpose and our Mission

We help global investors focus on investing and preserving capital in a sustainable and compliant manner.

  • We are a trusted partner providing high quality personalised investor services.
  • We help our clients and the sector to stay compliant.
  • We act as a guardian and facilitate our client’s investments.
  • Our people invest the time to get to know our clients, so that we know how to best service them.

Our environmental, social and governance (ESG) underpins IQ-EQ's activities across all jurisdictions where we or one of our affiliates operate. It sets out our global approach to sustainable purpose and forms the basis of our decisions by focusing on business ethics and compliancepeople and culture and community involvement.

The power of duality

We strongly believe in the power of duality and that valuing both IQ and EQ is essential for our people, our clients and our business. IQ-EQ brings together a rare combination of global expertise with a unique corporate culture that knows the importance of truly understanding the needs of our clients. IQ-EQ expresses exactly who we are and how we like to operate.

IQ enables us to respond to mental challenges. It empowers us with deductive logic. It gives us the ability to understand complex information and provide insightful solutions. It helps us identify the challenge and plan how to tackle it. Intellectual intelligence generates the solution.

EQ gives us the ability to engage on a personal level. It helps us listen and create connections. It enables us to see the challenges that lie behind the challenge. It gives us insight into how to relate to another person so trust develops. It allows us to balance the professional with the personal. Emotional intelligence brings out the best in people.

We bring know how. But we also bring know you.
The rational with the emotional.
The what with the why.
The right brain with the left brain.
The IQ with the EQ.