SEMA is a not-for-profit enterprise founded in The Netherlands in early 2018. The Netherlands is a country where government transparency is highly valued and frankness encouraged. We believe frankness and feedback are needed to improve public service delivery. SEMA’s mission is to bring public accountability to the world through innovative feedback systems.

SEMA wants to create incentives for public institutions to improve. By publicly publishing our data results regularly, SEMA commends and announces the best performing institutions. Having a positive reward component will help in creating sustainable partnerships with government institutions that may want to learn to become more user-friendly and stand out. Public institutions that work with SEMA are advised by our consultants on the basis of (on-demand created) data reports and policy implications that follow from this.

SEMA’s founding team is highly international and consists of Dutch, Belgian, American and Ugandan innovators in the justice space. We value working across different cultures and take local sensitivities into account when introducing new feedback systems.