Ugacof Limited

Ugacof Limited, a leading Coffee Exporter in Uganda, works with smallholder coffee farmers countrywide. While Ugacof core business is buying, processing and exporting of coffee to international buyers and roasters, Ugacof also works in partnership with local/national and international organizations to support smallholder coffee farmers with the aim of increasing the productivity and quality of coffee produced contributing to improved livelihoods of these smallholders. Such relationships have been established on long term basis and require commitment and management. The projects demonstrate that farmer organizations have the capacity to turn around the fortunes of farmers and ensure increased incomes for individual farmers as well as increased foreign exchange earnings for the country. Ugacof has defined a gender policy allowing women to actively participate to all sustainability coffee projects as a strategic key partners. Ugacof is also focusing its efforts on the youngsters, aim being to develop their skills and knowledge and attract them to the coffee farming business. There is a strong belief that the youngsters will be the change catalysts to deliver profitable and sustainable growth.