Development Media International (DMI)

DMI is a UK-based NGO using mass media to bring about behaviour change. We are currently working in around a dozen countries worldwide, but mostly in sub-Saharan Africa. Our work has had a proven impact on behaviours, based on independent evaluations of our projects and two randomised cluster trials in Burkina Faso (2012-15 and 2016-18). We are rated by GiveWell as one of the most cost-effective non-profit organisations in the world.

We specialise in producing and distributing radio spots, TV ads and mobile videos in campaigns to change people's negative behaviours in a positive direction. Our work is informed by rigorous research which establishes need in a given country, identifies barriers to changing behaviours, and recommends the message themes and formats that are required. We then use creativity to produce messages with emotional impact that touch people and open their minds to positive change. We insist as far as possible on thorough evaluation of our work to assess real impact and inform future campaigns.