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Enhance your job descriptions with digital Ads.

Improve your visibility, reach and attract top talent.

It’s your brand, don’t let anyone else tell your story use Video, Images, Testimonials, clips, slide shows and lots more. We are specialists in creating sensational recruitment videos and work place films that boost hiring results. 



The Facts

  • The most captivating and effective job description content is that made as a video. “Job seekers spend 5x the time on video job ads versus text” - Entrepreneur Magazine.
  • “Over the last few years, online video has quickly become a key way for people to satisfy their information and entertainment needs”-. Socialtalent
  • Pictures or images can tell a candidate a lot more about the work place “content that includes pics produces 650% higher engagement than text-only content.” - Inc. Magazine.
  • Just like anyone else, Social Media loves videos and images. “In 2015, across LinkedIn globally, videos shared in the feed had 100 per cent greater engagement and 75% greater share rate.” – Socialtalent. 


What we do!

In alignment with your brand guidelines, we professionally produce your job ad in 4K video and or graphics, list it at our website then distribute it on partner sites and social media.

For candidates, we deliver an engaging click back experience from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, and YouTube - one can apply with their LinkedIn or Facebook profiles.

Better still, our copywriters can write your job descriptions observing the best practices such as job title scrutiny, content length, employer brand, EVP, EEO statement, and lots more.

We provide an Applicant Tracking Interface for you to measure the results and your Return On Investment (ROI).

What you get!

You can generate excitement since videos present an authentic message.

Candidates get to “meet the team”.

You promote and showcase your employer and consumer brand.

You get to engage passive candidates.

Candidates can see where they will possibly be working.

Candidates gain an insight into the workplace culture and environment.

Social media and Search engine algorithms prefer video to only text meaning your job will have a far reaching effect. You will be able to attract a quality candidate pool to choose from.  


By the way awesome doesn’t have to be expensive, we have a package for any budget.


Learn More

Questions! we have the answers.


What is Digital Job advertising?

This is the broadcast or display of moving or static visual images intended to market or promote a job opening to potential candidates in an effort to find the best.  It may contain a combination of different formats such as text, images, flash, video, and audio.


How can I reduce my cost per hire?

Cost per hire can be defined as the amount of time and money one takes to close an open position. With our digital ads service it’s possible to reach even perceive and or elusive candidates, you can save way over 50% meaning you can enjoy a less cost per hire in addition to finding quality talent.


Why should i use your digital job advertising service?

We look at every job ad as a great opportunity to not only advertise a job opening but also as a marketing stunt for your business so we leave no stone un turned. With us, you hit two birds with one stone.


Can i produce my own video job Ad?

Find answers to questions like this and more from our employers' frequently asked questions.


From A to Z, we've got you covered.

  • Video Job Ad Pre-Production  

    Content creation and Story boarding 
  • Video Job Ad Production 

    Creative direction and Filming
  • Video Job Ad Post-Production  

    Editing, Graphics, Music, Branding
  • Video Job Ad distribution 

    Our site, Partner sites, Social Media

The Employer Advantage

Tell your story

On your free-forever full page, you can easily insert images of certifications, awards, prizes or medals your company has won don’t only pin them up on your office wall-again this is your brand, let them know what you are made of – you own the bragging rights. You can add images of your office interiors, exteriors, event pics etc.-Remember you want to be attractive, trust us there is no better way.

Relevant Search

Most (ATS)s yield unconnected search results our search engine uses natural language processing to return the most relevant searches.You can search our candidate database and tap into passive candidates. These might not be looking for a job but might be willing to discuss a good job opening-They are normally quality candidates already in employment.

Applicant tracking interface

Sorting applicants! No worries, our drag and drop (ATS) gives you the flexibility to manage your applicants sort among new applicants, shortlist, make an offer and or disqualify the rest. Know your applications, job views, apply clicks and apply rate with ease. They say what is not measured is not managed. We help you Track your job performance so you can make informed decissions.