Consultancy for Review of Political, Social and Economic Status of Uganda Dairy Sector

  • SNV
  • Kampala, Uganda
  • 02/11/2023


3. Purpose of the Consultancy

In the eight years of its operations (2015 -2023), SNV through the TIDE project has strategically positioned itself to work with all relevant dairy sector actors and has gained significant experience in working through and with dairy farmers, research organisations, line bodies and ministries under the government of Uganda, input suppliers, training institutions, financial institutions, cooperatives, milk transporters, processors, and consumers. SNV intends to build on these experiences and its positioning to influence the Uganda dairy sector policies and frameworks.

To achieve this goal, SNV is seeking a competent firm or individual to conduct a political socio-economic status review and analysis of Uganda's current dairy sector status with a special focus on Southwestern and Eastern Uganda. The study is intended to review and analyse issues relating to power relations among the various socio-economic groups, aspects of gender and social inclusion, resource distribution, governance, and the level of participation of the different interest groups.

4. Scope of the assignment.

The geographical scope of the assignment will cover the entire dairy sub-sector in Uganda.

5. Tasks and Deliverables

The following tasks are to be executed as part of the overall assignment:

  1. Provide a detailed analysis of the status of the dairy sub-sector in Uganda.
  2. Conduct a political socio-economic analysis of the diary sub-sector in Uganda.

Under this task, consider the following among others; Political settlement (powers steering the dairy sub-sector), the institutional environment for dairy development, dissection of the policy and institutional framework at play, an analysis of different interest groups and their power of influence.

An overview of the level of participation or non-participation of the different interest groups and social classes, governance structure at play at the different levels and related aspects of gender and social inclusion,

This will result in the following deliverables:

Report: a final report, describing the understanding of the status and political socio-economy of the Ugandan dairy sub-sector and providing justifications for feasible interventions that would benefit future programming of dairy projects in Uganda.

The report should highlight the key policy issues affecting the dairy sub-sector in Uganda.

Presentation: a presentation, capturing the key issues from the report, for a broad dairy sector audience

6. Duration of the exercise

The consultancy period shall in principle not exceed 30 days distributed across November – 12th December 2023. Bids should be received by the COB 8/11/23.

It is proposed that the data collection and documentation will take the following (additional) timelines:

Submission draft report: 31 November 2023.

Presentation in the first week of December 2023.

Submission final report: 12th December 2023.

7. Submission and Payments

The consultants are requested to submit their proposal for the implementation of this assignment, based on the following considerations:

  • The fee will be all-inclusive, including all applicable taxes, allowances, and accommodation in the study regions (if required). For administrative records, the firm or consultant will submit a plan of activities to the Project Administrator.
  • Payment will be in two instalments, i.e., 50% upon signing of the contract and 50% upon approval of the final report.
  • The submission should explain how the consultants will go about the assignment, the applicable fees, a detailed CV of the consultant(s) and a brief explanation as to why the consultant(s) is well-placed to carry out the assignment.

All payments shall be based on an approved report and invoice.

8. Position

The consultant will work directly with the project unit heads and report to the project manager.


A competent firm or individual 

Additional Information

How to apply

Interested and qualified consultants who meet the above requirements are asked to submit the technical and financial proposals by email to not later than 12th November 2023

Tender disclaimer.

SNV reserves the right to either accept or reject any or all bids submitted. SNV reserves the right to either increase or decrease the assignment scope depending on budget availability. SNV can stop this procurement at any time without need to give explanation or can extend the deadline for submission once it sees it fit. In case you do not hear from SNV within 2 weeks of closure of the bid receipt date, consider yourself unsuccessful. SNV also reserves the right to reject and cancel the tender in case any illegal, corrupt, coercive, or collusive practices are noticed. Late bids will be rejected. Please note that viewing, downloading or otherwise using the TOR constitutes acceptance on your part of all the above noted statements and conditions.